HiTech Motorsport: Engine Management

  • Sales and tuning of Link, Haltech and most aftermarket ecu brands
  • Plug and Play and full wire in systems
  • Engine management installation and wiring
  • Engine management sensors, injector servicing and testing, etc

We are an authorised Link Engine Management dealer. We have sold, installed and tuned Link systems for more than 25 years. They are some of the best, technologically advanced, reliable systems on the market. They are flexible systems that are designed to be installed in virtually any application where an electronically controlled engine is fitted.

They can also be used to upgrade your car from carburettors and distributors to fully programmable injection and ignition setups...something Hitech Motorsport specialize in.

They are available in a range of plug and play applications to suit Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota, meaning little or no wiring is required, just plug it in, tune it and experience the benefits of a Link Engine Management system. More Power, Better economy, smoother response...

We carry a full range of Link ECU's and Accessories. This includes the G4X range of ECU's and ancillary devices including Display Link and all associated sensors, wiring looms, igniters, and Link Tuning tools.

LINK G4 Thunder Wire-In ECU

We also sell the Haltech range of engine management systems.

We offer a full installation service for engine management systems including wiring and tuning. We can provide before and after results, backed up by dyno graphs, to show the gains made from fitting an aftermarket ecu to your vehicle.

Hitech Motorsport also have an ASNU injection testing and servicing machine. We can clean, repair and flow test most brands of electronic injectors. We carry a range of injector service parts-seals, pintle caps, filter baskets, etc

We have experience with fitting engine management systems to a huge range of vehicles, Japanese and European, Australian and American. We have an aftermarket engine management system to suit your requirements. Contact us to see what a properly installed and tuned system can do for you.

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