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Easy to install. Affordable. Reliable.  

G4X PlugIn ECUs offer the latest in engine management technology, designed to easily maximize the potential from your car.  
This ECU fits inside the factory OEM enclosure. Installation is a breeze, with no alteration of the factory wiring loom required for the models listed below.


WRX2X Subaru WRX & STI V1-2 (1992-1996)
WRX4X Subaru WRX & STI V3-4 (1997-1998) 
WRX6X Subaru WRX & STI V5-6 (1999-2000) 
WRX9X Subaru WRX & STI V7-9 (2000-2007) 2.0l 
WRX104X Subaru WRX & STI V10 04-06 (2004-2006) 2.5l 
WRX107X Subaru WRX & STI V10 (2006-2007) 2.5l 

If you are unsure if the above PlugIn will fit your vehicle, contact us check the pinout information in PC Link.
Some PlugIns above are known to fit other vehicles. To confirm yours, get in contact with us or the Link Tech team.


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Dyna Pack
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