Hitech motorsport

Phil Brown's Toyota Corolla SS2000 circuit car

Over the winter Hitech Motorsport have been very busy with the major rebuild of Phil's KE25 corolla.

During the rebuild we replaced the Toyota 4age 1600 cc engine and replaced it with a Honda F20c engine and gearbox from the s2000 sports car. The rebuild involved a lot of fabrication including new mounts, new firewall, exhaust system, air intake, radiator and cooling system.

We also dry sumped the engine, which involved machining a mount plate for the oil pump, along with making and fitting new hoses. A larger fuel tank was also fitted, with a new surge tank, pumps, etc. Then the car was rewired.

Once it was all running, the Link G4 ecu was tuned on the Dynapack hub dyno, and the standard engine put out around 215hp at the wheels.

Early testing at Pukekohe was very promising with the car posting times almost 3 seconds a lap quicker than last year.