Hitech motorsport


Hitech have recently carried out extensive work to James Parker's RX7. James won the Pro 7 Plus championship last season, and was looking for a new challenge for the up coming season, so the car has been rebuilt and repowered for the SS2000 class.

The original 13b engine rotary engine was removed, and after carefully going through the SS2000 rulebook, it was decided a 2 litre turbo engine would be the most competitive and cost effective way of going. The car is now powered by a Honda F20c engine, we also fitted the 6 speed gearbox from the S2000 Honda. We modified the engine cross member and mounts and firewall to accommodate the engine and gearbox. The differential is now solid mounted in a custom mounting, which we fabricated.

A new exhaust manifold was fabricated, and a Garret GT turbo was also added. A new radiator and intercooler set up was also mounted, and new alloy pipe work fabricated to plumb it all up. In a previous car, the turbo Honda engine has made around 450 horsepower, we are yet to get the car back on the dyno, but are expecting similar outputs once the car is all reassembled.